In decades past... amongst the cottonwood trees and near the Rio Grande lies the sleepy little village know as Algodones New Mexico, where simple villagers live their simple lives.
Under the Cottonwood Tree:
     El Susto de la Curandera
Until one day when brothers Amadeo and Carlos Lucero walk into the deep and dark bosque only to run out changed.
Carlos is no longer a young boy -- he is now a black and white calf!
Does the mysterious Curandera who lives deep in the Bosque have anything to do with it?
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Step onto the trail following la
  curandera and join Carlos, Amadeo and           
   best friend Monree as they experience 
     an adventure of a lifetime while 
       unraveling the many secrets of
          the bosque and discovering 
              the true meaning of...              
               La Curandera’s Susto!
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But how and why?

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